2006 recap (observations / things learned)

- don’t fold clothes on a table with a burning candle

- pay someone the bulk of the money, if not all, after they’ve completed the work, even if they are a friend

- life feels better when you smile at strangers

- the lint roller sticky tape thing is the greatest invention ever

- you really can tell everything in a kiss

- if someone has lived somewhere, say, um, Los Angeles, for a period longer than a few years (or their whole life, for that matter), there is a reason why they don’t have any friends, and don’t feel sorry for them.

- there’s more to life than work.

- setting personal boundaries kicks ass. exercising your self-respect does, too.

- i love avocados more than i thought i did.

- i want a dog.

- damn, that culinary school looks really amazing.

- size does matter (just seeing if you’re paying attention! *ahem*)

- who you have around you makes all the difference in the world. to my friends and family: you have held me up, loved me, nourished me – at times when i didn’t think i could on my own. to my business partners some of who i call friend: i wasn't going to keep doing this. you found me, you showed me, believe in me -- you have taken the thorn out of my paw. i guess we'll keep doing this thing.

- positive thoughts and negative thoughts are material things, and the will to keep on the positive thought-track will make your life better.

- feelings are your own selfish thoughts. your actions are what matters to everyone else.

- laughter heals.

- let it go.


las mejores cosas de la vida

i got to spend time my 96 year old great aunt who was an opera singer in Cuba. she sang with the famed Ernesto Lecuona, and has led a very interesting life. (she also ran a business back in the day in Cuba - a woman in the 1950's!) she made me sing for her, so she could judge my voice. what do you do when a 96 year old woman tells you cantas ahora. well, you do it. she made it clear that she despised "cultura moderna" (pop culture)..... so i do not think she would care for most of the music i have done...i sang a Spanish folk love song for her and she was happy. whew. she is a tough cookie. "su tono es muy bueno" .....then things got really cool - we started talking music and she was telling me some of the things she had done & she wanted me to learn some songs "muy bonito y sencillo de cantar para todas las gentes." it was a perfect afternoon.

when i see someone like her who is 96 - it shows you life is not over by any means. as long as we are here - we can create and love. eso es eterno.

and i was able to get this on tape. this may be the only video of her singing. what i love about this is you can visibly see her go back to Cuba, performing in the golden light and sticky air en un tiempo antes de Fidel: