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I got an email on myspace from someone
(just some networking dude) who was interested in distributing prior KT albums. no thank you. i did, however, find the email quite entertaining.

He let me know their company doesn't distribute anything with a Satanic nature, questioning the content of Taxicab Masiah (sic). hmm... maybe he should buy the album and play it backwards, mwhahahahahaaha.

peace love and harmony


nutritious news?

"The media has long ago stopped encouraging excellence, it is too hard a road and too few people relate to the work needed to be a true hero. " (quote from my manager)

i went to cnn.com tonight to read some news before hitting the sack. about 80% of the page was splashed with images of the killer in the VT shootings. he will now be amongst the faces we all know so well of other known murderers.

where are the faces of the people that truly matter? the innocent, the people who were doing good in their lives -

the amount of real estate these people get in the media is appalling, and, to me, socially irresponsible. what better way to encourage more psychos to strive for infamy? why would i give the lowlife piece of crap my attention and watch a disturbing video that meant everything to him for everyone to watch (i will not watch it)! that video should have never been released, and it is an insult to the people who lost family members to this incident. there's nothing to gain by watching it except a bit of schadenfreudesque, macabre form of entertainment. life is difficult enough, i don't need to go out of my way to see disturbing things. what happened this week is an awful thing, and i certainly care more about the people this happened to than the person who did it.

why do we need to go into the "mind" of this person! it's simple: he was a disturbed sociopath. clearly the signs were there, but social, community, governmental responsibility was impaired. (i realize we can't stop every psycho, but as a group of human beings on this planet, if we just "cared" a little more -- less tragedies would occur.)

i could never understand why time magazine, etc. would put osama bin laden's face on the cover of their magazine - or the men who flew the planes in 9/11, etc. these people are getting what they want.

the new york post splashed an anna nicole story and photo on the front page today, giving about 1/3 mention on the cover of the shootings -- with, of course, the face of the shooter. shame on you! (i realize it's the New York Post - but still, how could an editor think the cover in any kind of taste or decency at all?)

people's sad meltdowns are entertainment? the sperm donor of a celebrity's baby? and still, we cannot see the faces of the people who are losing limb, psyche or dying for this country. where are the faces of people who are trying to make the world a better place? they are not on the front pages. just a few weeks ago, CNN was the effin' Anna Nicole Channel!

lastly, if anything -- i hope we can, as a whole, take more responsibility when recognizing unstable people; empower ourselves regardless of the "system"; realize that strict gun legislation could have not only prevented this*, but many incidents you DON'T hear about and future ones.

how great would it be if there was a wave of more people choosing to NOT participate in the consumption of the empty calories, putting our brainwaves, focus on the negative and DISTRACTIVE side of the media! (one can only dream)

*the guy was diagnosed a harm to himself and others -- there should be a system intact whereby these types of people cannot purchase guns. period. you can't drink and drive, you shouldn't be able to psycho and shoot.


my thoughts to all families who have lost someone - here, there, and everywhere.