ramble on. (and that's the half of it.)

I can feel them coming like a beautiful wave, the first sun ray, the sound of the leaves before the wind.

Time is an interesting thing. There are certain things that make me believe time doesn’t exist.

There are certain things that happen which let you know you are in the right place.

For me, that would be my dreams and “awake” blending and guiding me – like a scavenger hunt, but with me also having been the one who hid the objects, split-screening from reality to dream, giving myself hints along the way!

Sometimes these dreams go back a decade, only to make sense today. People I meet shine something infinite that prove to me time doesn’t exist.

We show the affects of time on our skins. That is half the illusion.

It has make me come to believe that our greatest Maya, our greatest challenge, is to make ourselves see that half of the shadow is the reality. All the while, our minds scurry through reservoirs of electric currents, soul-memories, digging through the darkest dirt without a map – to try and uncover any sort of clue, light to guide us on which side of the Half to grasp.

I like the concept in quantum physics about virtual particles. I love the idea about accepting the ‘unknown,’ the ‘unquantifiable,' and its role in guiding what we see. The other Half. I like that eyedea. I needs me a little science in my spiritual bee S…

Zmake honey.

(that thing that Mr. Mason said: "Life isn't personal, it just feels personal.")




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