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Great movie, the 11th hour. Inspiring. Could help change minds. Here's the issue i have: Most people who saw it are already ON BOARD. we will pay the 12 bux (plus parking) to see a movie that reconfirms our beliefs. Most people are going to spend the $ and two hours watching Rush Hour XXI.

Here's a thought: There are about 25,000 high schools in our country.

Why don't you burn say, 5,000 DVDs, send them to high schools; record a personal message from you and a personal letter about how the students are the future -- and they can make a difference. Even if a % of the schools set it up to where the movie can be watched in the cafeteria, auditorium, whatever -- it could make a difference. These people will be voting soon. Some will be business owners someday. This could affect career paths. Some will tell their parents. I know you have the $ to do so, and it will also be a write-off. If you didn't want to spend your own money, i am sure a lot of this could be donated! Talk to Bill Gates. ;)

And in a Netflix sort of way, to conserve, have the school mail back the DVD, and *recycle* it by sending to other schools -- maybe schools in the UK, Canada.

Hell!!! Get it translated and send it to other countries!!!!



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why the hell is Fergie auctioning off her Hummer to give $ to Global Green? you have to be sucking on the Nitrous Oxide pump to not see how ridiculous this is.

someone is still gonna drive that thing - and a waste of resources, no matter how small (in comparison to coal-burning, etc.) -- is still a MESSAGE. a HUMMER is NOT a SYMBOL of ecological responsibility. it's like trying to pass off chicken shit as chicken salad / auctioning off a bottle of Cristal to support M.A.D.D. / auctioning off cigarettes to support the Cancer Society!!!

how about auctioning it off, put a diesel engine in it and conver to Veg. Oil?????? OR BETTER YET -- DISMANTLE it, use the materials that you can for other things.... things that HELP.

how about not auctioning off a hummer. now that would make sense.

WTFU peeps!!! seriously!!!


who you have around you......

this is why i am so happy to have the manager that i have. he not only kicks ass and delivers, but he thinks like this:



I've been thinking about treason recently.

I used to think I knew the meaning of the word as a special sort of "official" betrayal of the state. Of course that definition only applies if the state itself is not guilty of it, like the recent exposure of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson by a member of the white house. See that would have been treason for you , but for them it was an oversight, not treason and besides according to official sources "she was not that good an agent anyway". So already the definition is somewhat muddy. Good thing it was not James Bond.

What about treason like the kind that the American Unions are presently perpetrating against their members by voting against Free trade agreements? This eliminates the access to key markets for the US who already is losing ground to China at an alarming rate. Their motivation comes from arrogance and shortsightedness. Lets not forget that these cretins are the same ones who thought the American automobile industry would always dominate no matter how poor the quality and how high the prices. Using the word "competitive" was treason then, since it was assumed that the American way was the best. Ok so we got our asses kicked. I like someone who gets up for another beating, too bad the damage to our economy is hard to reverse, but oh well it plays in Detroit. Did you know we tried to sell the Japanese cars with the steering wheel on the wrong side? (yup they drive on the left like in England, do I need to elaborate on the success of that brilliant maneuver?)

So now how about the lobbyists and their employers who pressure our poorly educated and greedy congressmen to pass laws that they know are destroying the country in the long run, but driving up quarterly profits; what is that? Is that just good capitalism? See now I'm inclined to think that this is treason.

I see the current crisis on wall street as the actions of people who got rich while knowingly destabilizing the financial markets, as treason. I see it like taking bricks out of a bridge to build your house with, I guess you are ok if your house is not under that bridge, but eventually the bridge comes down.

Come to think of it the music industry is being run just like that. They stop long term investment into quality acts in favor of trendy no shelf life ones. Result good monthly cash flow, zero long term profitability. Oh well the important thing is to have a job next week, too bad if the industry is decimated next year.

Speaking of bridges, what is ignoring structural weakness reports like in New Orleans or Minnesota and how many other places, claiming there is no money, yet having more than enough money to fund a useless conflict in Iraq. I guess its ok if it is not in your electoral state. (Agricultural subsidies anyone?)

I don't really want to go into the Catholic church spending more on settlements to victims of sexual abuse than they have to support the hard working priests and organizations that might actually give a damn. The treasonous acts perpetrated on us on behalf of God fills our history books so I will leave that alone. God is big business and besides my New and improved Garden of Eden island, with cable and intenet is being built for me in Dubai (Next to Rod Stewart's British Isles replica island)

Still as I look, all of these things can be worked out. I fundamentally believe in people if they get the right information and if there are any of us left to make a decision. But that is the catch, did you know that the industrial world has operated on the notion that it is ok to pollute when you start an economy since when it is really working you will be rich enough to put the polluting industry in someone else's country and give them an opportunity to die but make money doing so. That notion, which is wrong by the way, is called the Environmental Kuznets Curve. It does not take into account minor details like irreversible damage (meaning you or critters or ecosystems = dead), extinction of species or the lack of places to pollute. In the case of China, where are they going to go to feed their society? India? I don't think so. The good news is that the Chinese leadership seem very much aware of this and are working a lot harder to find solutions than the US has been.

My point is that the people who profit from and think about this stuff, KNOW about this stuff. They know they are reducing the environment to nothing, if not domestically then abroad, but they KNOW. (Remember cigarettes?) Is that not treason? If not against the state then certainly against humanity, and when you think in terms of treason against humanity does it not start with the basic respect we owe each other?
If we had respect for others, we would not do any of the things I mentioned above.
Can it be that simple?

NAH, now what color Hummer am I going to get to impress my hoes…….