a Proposal to Leo DiCaprio.


Great movie, the 11th hour. Inspiring. Could help change minds. Here's the issue i have: Most people who saw it are already ON BOARD. we will pay the 12 bux (plus parking) to see a movie that reconfirms our beliefs. Most people are going to spend the $ and two hours watching Rush Hour XXI.

Here's a thought: There are about 25,000 high schools in our country.

Why don't you burn say, 5,000 DVDs, send them to high schools; record a personal message from you and a personal letter about how the students are the future -- and they can make a difference. Even if a % of the schools set it up to where the movie can be watched in the cafeteria, auditorium, whatever -- it could make a difference. These people will be voting soon. Some will be business owners someday. This could affect career paths. Some will tell their parents. I know you have the $ to do so, and it will also be a write-off. If you didn't want to spend your own money, i am sure a lot of this could be donated! Talk to Bill Gates. ;)

And in a Netflix sort of way, to conserve, have the school mail back the DVD, and *recycle* it by sending to other schools -- maybe schools in the UK, Canada.

Hell!!! Get it translated and send it to other countries!!!!



******on another note*****


check out www.ebay.com

why the hell is Fergie auctioning off her Hummer to give $ to Global Green? you have to be sucking on the Nitrous Oxide pump to not see how ridiculous this is.

someone is still gonna drive that thing - and a waste of resources, no matter how small (in comparison to coal-burning, etc.) -- is still a MESSAGE. a HUMMER is NOT a SYMBOL of ecological responsibility. it's like trying to pass off chicken shit as chicken salad / auctioning off a bottle of Cristal to support M.A.D.D. / auctioning off cigarettes to support the Cancer Society!!!

how about auctioning it off, put a diesel engine in it and conver to Veg. Oil?????? OR BETTER YET -- DISMANTLE it, use the materials that you can for other things.... things that HELP.

how about not auctioning off a hummer. now that would make sense.

WTFU peeps!!! seriously!!!


Anonymous Anónimo said...

He could also give up his private jet we all know that he has, which pollutes the air a lot more than our cars, to go everywhere unimportant!

1:01 p. m.  
Blogger ShoBiz said...

Thanks, Free. This rocks. The 11th Hour DVD idea is brilliant! I hope someone in Leo's circle sees your blog and draws his attention to it.

I wasn't aware of Fergie's Hummer auction, but it sounds like the kind of absurdity you get with mainstream celebrities who want to seem tuned in to the cause du jour in order to further their own image. Liek when Paris Hilton posed for the Vote or Die campaign, and then DIDN'T VOTE. Oy.

Free, you and kidneythieves are the shit. Keep it up.

9:57 a. m.  
Blogger free dominguez said...

oh jeezz.. for a moment, i thought you were going to say and "didn't die." ok, so you're not as cruel as i began to think. i'm going to hell.

10:42 a. m.  
Blogger ShoBiz said...

Ha!!! Actually, I originally wrote "...didn't vote. Too bad she didn't die, either." But then I deleted that, thinking it too harsh for my first blog comment here. So, I guess I'll see you in hell, eh? ;)

11:55 a. m.  
Blogger free dominguez said...

of course i don't wish death on anyone, however, it WAS left open for sardonicistic drollery!!!

12:06 p. m.  
Blogger ShoBiz said...

Totally. See? My nice guy tendencies had their heart in the right place. But sardonic humor... cruel humor... in these challenging times, it's hard not to play that card!

On another note, I am loving your anti-establishment rants, Free. You are SO speaking my language. I've been listening to KT for several years now, listening to your solo work for a couple of those, and reading your blog for a few months so far, and it's so awesome to learn that there is a critical thinking mind and a good conscience behind the music I've been digging so much. During those same years, I've been learning a lot about the corrupt system under which our democracy operates, and like you, I am still hopeful that people can fix this mess, if properly educated and motivated.

Thanks for everything you do, and here's to your artistic accomplishments, your writings, your activism, and to the return of kidneythieves.


10:03 p. m.  
Anonymous Gen_X_Accord said...

You are right on with what they should have done to the Hummer. Put a diesel motor in it, and with a Hummer's size it is really a no-brainer to use diesel anyway, get an $800 conversion kit, and run the thing on restaurant grease. Then auction it off on E-Bay.
Here is a a url on someone who went the restaurant route.

And I would argue that Free's writing is not so much anti-establishment as it is anti-ignorance. No matter if you lean toward the left, right, or middle like myself, you need to stay informed of the issues and the people running for office. You can see in the paper everyday that integrity is in short supply in the political realm.
Need to convince Colin Powell to run for Pres. with Obama as his Vice. Then maybe balance and diplomacy can be achieved instead of radical partisanship.

12:46 a. m.  
Blogger Diana, distorted said...

High schools need to wake up! I couldn't take it anymore, so I graduated 2 years early and am now starting college. I find the whole system to be quite hypocritical. The thing that disturbs me is that the people with the ideas and the insight are not the people in control of the situation! When will the CORRECT people understand exactly what is wrong?

Ugh, speaking of hypocrites...Fergie. Fergie, Fergie, Fergie...sometimes I wonder if she knows what she's doing. It's an obvious error! But that's why I don't pay mind to the high celebrity life anymore.

Take care, darling.

10:17 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

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9:47 p. m.  

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