Yeah they really want you, they really do.


In America, where CGI / Slash-em / Crash-em / 90 IQ dialogue rules the box office (most of the time -- exceptions, Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, etc.), i am so refreshed to find such a sweet message in this quirky film.

Ryan Gosling is now one of my top fave actors - his character was PHENOM. The casting was spot-on, (each and every performance superb!!), and this film delves into questioning reality, perception, and *the things our psyche does to work out our parental issues. Hey! We can even be compassionate towards one another!

One of the smartest things is that it wasn't about sex. I don't want porn in my message (or a message in my porn, for that matter).

All this being said, it is not a "touchy/feely" film. Just a chunky homeslice of stellar indie filmmaking.


Then, timely enough, a documentary on BBC called "Love me, Love my Doll" was on the same evening.

I saw these people had found an anodyne to their inability (thus far) to work out their "issues." Most of the subjects' issues were plain as day..... but who are we to judge / They're not "hurting" anyone - And don't we all have our "formulas" to escape or avoid pain?

The documentary was strong on the palate, at times queasy on the stomach and I needed a South Park chaser afterwards; however, it's a fascinating deviance to examine.

I can't imagine going through life without the human experience -- but for some -- it is too painful to tread.


Anonymous Ben said...

I'm looking forward to seeing "Lars and the Real Girl", since I was pleasantly surprised by Ryan Gosling's performance in "Fracture": A movie which I was convinced I would hate.

I've seen "Love Me, Love My Doll" and the documentary pulls me in more than one direction. I find myself feeling disgusted at times and saddened at others when I think back on the documentary: we're talking about grown men who spend the cost of a lower-range used car on what is little more than a very fancy masturbatory aid. I can't help but feel these men would be better served by a psychiatrist and a fleshlight, as the dolls, by their very nature, discourage person-to-person interaction.

Maybe I'm being too judgmental and painting with too broad a brush, I dunno.

7:03 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

i agree with you it was sad disturbing and disgusting at times -- but -- they don't have the ability to even seek therapy; these aren't the type of peeps id want to hang around, but at the same time, i'd rather their psychoses be relieved in happiness with their Dolls than the so many alternative scenarios (especially in America! -- Remember the guy with the guns? The ILLEGAL automatic weapons???) FD

9:34 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Love the opening sentence of this post. It reminds me of an episode of the simpsons where they're watching "When Buildings... Collapse!".

11:15 p. m.  
Anonymous xeoncat said...

madness is fully subjective. what you consider normal is a certain range of behaviors in a bell curve.
I haven't saw this movie, never heard of it before, but now I really need to see it. thank you Free for mentioning it.

1:49 p. m.  
Blogger jorjh said...

wtf...cgi is cool :-?? try making a real life robot transforming truck xD

10:27 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hey Free, why dont you write in here anymore :(

Cant wait for some more news.

4:08 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

***spoiler alert!!!!*****

I was so moved by Lars and the Real Girl... was expecting a bit of silly comedy, tongue in cheek, not to cry over the death of a sex doll... amazingly done!


11:57 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

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9:48 p. m.  

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