fired up. stream of consciousness recap comin’ atchya.

Every year, around this time, a small group of powerful, intelligent, successful women convene in confidence for a very personal, free-flowing discussion. I was fortunate enough to be invited to this one. The objective is not known until we all start speaking about happen-ings, feel-ings, situation-ings… and then it becomes clear.

Everything melded together in alchemical form, where a spontaneous sentence about we females knowing our "great-ness," trusting our "in-stinct," accompanied by the commentary by Elizabeth about the History of 30,000 years, where the feminine was worshipped, as opposed to the past 6,000 years, it has been masculine, and mythologically, how [in a nutshell] the woman with the "fruit of the knowledge" in these recent times is translated as a "bad thing...."

We started to bring those muse-ings into the light of 2008 (almost '09) to realize something prevalent in all of our lives, society as we know it.

(For this blog I am in particular talking about Women):

We are Great. We have powerful instincts. This "fruit of the knowledge" can be used for "bad," as we see with jealous, divisive, scheming behavior…. Look at who the masculine-controlled Government is holding up in their High Regard at this time – a woman who does not have the much real knowledge to run a Country, and/or even scarier, is using an skewed version of knowledge towards a de-evolution of Women's rights. It seems to be OK to have a woman they feel they can "control" for their own gains. So it seems.....

We powerful, Great women oftentimes, at the apex of our "knowing," are surrounded (or sometimes choose to be surrounded, let’s be real!) by the polar opposite: Possibly males who don't want us to exhibit our truest power, who make us question our instincts, put a chloroform rag over our self-esteem. This Opposite can also be shown in passive-aggressive behavior, that leaves us with little question marks above our heads….. We've seen women do this to other women, as well. Ladies: How many times have you had a close friend be jealous and manipulative, because your Greatness makes them feel inadequate….. or a woman's unfounded jealousy tried to put sticks in the spokes of plans, relationships, (bands!), and such?

Divisiveness and Jealousy is the shadow side of our power, and it never comes across as a Lion's Roar, but more as a pathetic, hunger-stricken stray cat scrambling to survive the day.

During our “meeting,”, I also told this story:

One afternoon, I walked by an elderly woman's abundant rose garden, and we started talking. She explained to me that her roses looked better than anyone else's in the neighborhood because of this Secret:

"See, when you trim all these little brown leaves, every day, you're trimming dead energy off that would otherwise take away from the Flower, then the rose bush instinctively knows that 'hey, I have more energy to multiply!'

I didn’t need a hammer to hit me over the head to see this as an Allegory for Life, and what we should do to be successful, unabashedly show and utilize our power in the midst of the shadows that try to eclipse our light: Always trim the dead energy. Never give the dry, brittle, brown leaves any attention.

In closing: This was not an anti-masculine conversation, it was about a new Ideal: Taking the shadow side of masculine out of Ego/Aggressive, the shadow side of feminine out of Jealous/Divisive/Weak, and focusing on bringing BOTH m & f sides into the light where they can work together.

There’s only one way that can happen in our lives: By who we choose to Be and who we have around us.