It is time for a new post.

lots has happened since the last posting. We have had Haiti disaster, earthquakes, oil spill, the economy, Michael Jackson's death, Avatar and Justin Bieber, to name a few.

isn't that the way the News is? "11 troops die in Afghanastan and Mel Gibson is is douche."

i'm going to take this blog over to www.kidneythieves.com ~ maybe i'll revive this thing.

a couple of personal things I am excited about:

our album trypt0fanatic came out.
our studio went 100% solar.
i planted an entire garden in my backyard.
my cat turned 16
i believe the children are our future.

Documentaries (Must See):

Food, Inc.

Lucy Walker's "Wasteland" - coming soon
Lucy Walker's "Countdown to Zero" - coming soon

Favorite new Film:

Girl with Dragon Tattoo

Favorite New Gadget: